We asked some top Cape Town agents in Cape Town for their best tips for making showhouses a more than worthwhile investment in the marketing of a property.

Thanks to Carol Croft (Fish Hoek), Sally Gracie (Stonehurst Estate), Rob Downey (Constantia) and Murray Tocker (Bergvliet) for their contributions.

So in no particular order:

  1. Boost curb appeal to lure onlookers in by planting blooming flowers and fresh greenery. Mow the front lawn and wash the front windows and gates.
  2. A new doormat creates a fresh and clean first impression.
  3. Put things away! The way you present a house for sale is not the way you live in it. Take a box and walk through the house and “declutter” surfaces. It will create a less personalised cleaner canvas for buyer to imagine themselves living in the house.
  4. Pleasant scents evoke good emotions; therefore, it is important to keep your home smelling nice. You can do this in various ways, from using scented candles to having a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen or a slow roast in the oven.  
  5. Create a sense of homeliness and evoke a feeling of contentment. Fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit work well for this.
  6. Keep your home at a moderate temperature, which will encourage potential Buyers to stay longer in comfortable surroundings. Make use of a fireplace or a heater during winter, or a fan or air conditioner during summer.
  7. We know you love your pets but you want buyers to relax and focus on your home and not be distracted from the positive showhouse environment. It is better to take them out for the day with you.
  8. Make sure the agent has a copy of your plans available at the showhouse in case buyers want to talk about minor changes.

Murray Tocker, Master Agent working in Bergvliet and Meadowridge added this comment;
Prepare your seller for rejection.  People love their homes so it often comes as a surprise when the first fifteen buyers don’t. It’s not that they’re rejecting the sellers home, they’re rejecting what doesn’t work for them. It could be the price, position, size or just the vibe. It’s nothing personal! 

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